What options do you provide for officiants?

You may provide your own officiant or if you do not have one you may contact one of the officiants familiar with our venues. Click to view our list of recommended officiants.

Are your venues wheelchair accessible?

All Grand Pacific Junction event venues are wheelchair accessible.  Due to the historic nature of each of our unique venues, wheelchair access may be limited to specific areas of each venue.

What options do you provide for rehearsal dinners?

Grand Pacific Junction event caterers can provide a custom rehearsal dinner at one of our unique event venues.  Contact an event manager for more information and additional options. 

What is your refund policy?

Security deposits are non-refundable.

Do your venues have WiFi?

All of our venues have WiFi access.

Are they any rules and regulations that must be followed?

Rules and Regulations for all event venues should be reviewed prior to event booking.  Customers are responsible for ensuring their guests follow all applicable Rules and Regulations.

May we self-cater our own events?

Due to the unique nature of each venue's food preparation facilities, self-catering is not an option.  Utilizing one of our exclusive high quality caterers ensures your special event will be a success.


Cakes and desserts are permitted to be brought into event venues.  Please contact an event manager for additional information.

May we bring our own liquor?

Ohio law prohibits bringing any liquor in an establishment that has a liquor license.  As all of our venues have their own liquor licenses, outside liquor is not permitted. 

May we decorate our venue?

Some decorations are permitted.  Please note that existing décor may not be removed or modified in any manner. Please contact an event manager for further information

Are candles permitted in any of the venues?

Due to the historic nature of our venues, candles are not permitted under any circumstance (lit or unlit) in the Grand Pacific Hotel and the Grand Pacific Wedding Chapel.  Battery operated candles are a welcome substitute for these venues.  Candles are permitted in the outdoor Grand Pacific Wedding Gardens. 

Are there any restrictions pertaining to rice, balloons, rose petals, etc.?

Rose Petals and bubbles are permitted in the Grand Pacific Wedding Chapel and the Grand Pacific Wedding Gardens.  Rice, birdseed and balloons are not permitted in any of our historic venues.

Are there any restrictions pertaining to rice, balloons, rose petals, etc.?

Yes, rice, birdseed, rose petals, and balloons are not permitted.  We recommend soap bubbles.