White Wedding Cake

Events at Grand Pacific Junction

A Killer Wedding!

Join us for the reception and don't bother bringing a gift!

Saturday, April 9th, 2022



Tickets: $65 dinner included

Drinks available for purchase

Gertrude Shaw is the mother of the groom and known for her unfiltered and brazen demeanor. Not only has she interfered in her son’s love life, but she has a few enemies who would like to silence her forever.

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Tickets: $60

Included in this class is one whiskey flight with 4 samples, harmonious food and dessert options

Join us while we explore the fundamentals and explore wonderful flavors of Bourbon.

Together, we will explore the basics of America’s favorite whiskey. The whiskeys to be sampled will be selected to help you explore the differences the mash bill, still types and aging can have on the finished spirit.